Child Advocacy

We are excited to announce a collaboration with the Kansas City Child Protection Center








The Child Protection Center (CPC) is a nationally accredited child advocacy center.

The CPC opened in 1996 to serve as a child-friendly, safe place where children and adolescents who are alleged victims of child sexual and physical abuse can make their statement about the abuse. This statement is called a forensic interview or extended forensic interview, depending on the age and level of development of the child.  Our goal is to do the best we can to find out what happened in a manner that is respectful of the child and as comfortable as possible for children and their families.

The CPC serves approximately 800 children annually at no charge. It is the only child advocacy center providing these service for alleged victims of child abuse in Jackson, Cass and a portion of Lafayette Counties in Missouri. 

The CPC also serves families or caregivers of victims of abuse. These services include crisis intervention, education about the legal process, and referrals for medical, mental health and social services for the child and family.

The Child Protection Center provides the following services for alleged victims of child abuse and their families from Jackson, Cass and a portion of Lafayette Counties in Missouri. 

Forensic Interviews 
Extended Forensic Interviews 
Family Support Services 
Therapeutic Services 

The Child Protection Center
3101 Broadway, Suite 750
Kansas City, MO 64111
P: 816.778.8000
F: 816.778.8017

To learn more about CPC, check out their website here.  


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