May 10, 2016

Allie beach Meet Amazing Allie. Allie is 5 years-old and her adventures as a tomboy began at two and a half years old when she started a new school with a classroom full of boys.  Allie became very adamant about not wearing girl clothes and was in the midst of potty training, wearing pink daisy panties, with little luck.  She came home one day after preschool and declared that she wanted a pair of superhero panties and was no longer interested in wearing pink daisies.  I thought that this may be the trick to getting her potty trained and it most certainly was.  We drove to Target as fast as we could without being thrown into jail or putting anyone’s life into danger and bought her first pair of boy superhero panties, because god forbid they print superheroes on girl panties.  Never again did she have an accident and never again did she wear a pull up.  Well, that was easy.  Her closet quickly transitioned from pink, lace and tutus to all things superheroes.  We noticed Allie felt more comfortable and was happier in boy clothes and so began her tomboy independence. Let’s hear from Allie herself… TOmboy allie Are you a tomboy?  What makes you a tomboy? Yes Mom (insert eye roll)… I don’t like girl clothes and I like to ride my bike and scooter fast and I play tball and am the only tomboy on my team with all boys, but I hit the ball better than the boys and run faster than the boys.  I really love riding on my scooter with you when I can stand on your feet and we go really really fast and you make funny noises like we are going super light speed fast. Allie Florida What is your favorite bedtime story? The story you tell about me being a superhero and the cotton candy villain and how I have to protect a lot of people by defeating the villain and when I finally get him wrapped up in string, he cries and I ask him why he is crying and why he is so mean to people and he said because he has no friends and so we become friends and he wasn’t mean anymore. Halloween What is your favorite cartoon or movie?  Why do you like it so much? Mom, you're so weird.  You know it's Sandlot.  I love when they throw up on the rollercoaster and it gets all over everyone.  That’s hilarious. Allie Soccer Have you ever been to outer space?  If you’ve never been to outer space, have you ever walked on a rainbow? No, mom, I have never been to outer space, you silly.  (Insert hand on her forehead)…no silly, I haven’t walked on rainbows either but I know you like me to use my imagimation (pronounced by Allie with an "m"). If you could have any special power, what would it be? I would fly really fast and I would help Hulk beat up bad guys. Sleeping Beauty Do you like bedtime? No, I hate bedtime. (Sorry mom, I said hate).  I like when you and dad scratch my back and tell me stories and I like when you sing to me but I don’t like actually sleeping because I don’t like having to wake to go to school and then have to take naps..naps are (insert can I say stupid) Do you get yourself dressed or does someone help you? Why are you asking these questions mom, you know the answer to these questions ya weirdo. I then explained to Allie I was interviewing her for the blog.  She rolled her eyes again and asked if she was getting paid.  HAHAHAHA...Love that child! I dress myself unless I am tired and then I let you and dad help me but I don’t like wearing girl clothes at all and I don’t like when you make me wear a dress to church. Allie swinging Do you like getting your hair brushed?  Tell me about that. Mom…you know I don’t like getting my hair brushed.  Unless you slick it back when it’s wet and I look like a boy.  Can I get a haircut like a boy, mom? Allie KU What’s your favorite food? French fries and popsicles Do you like jumping in water puddles after it rains?  Does your mom or dad like when you jump into water puddles? I love jumping in water puddles and playing in the rain but you don’t always let me do that because you don’t like when I get messy.  I keep telling you that you need to buy me rain boots so I can jump in the puddles more.  You don't know this, but I just do it when you're not looking. Allie Captain America What would you rather be doing than talking to me right now? Playing baseball in the backyard.  Can we go play baseball now, mom?  I want to hit it over the fence like Benny. Do you like to draw, paint or color?  Will you have your mom or dad email us a picture of your favorite painting or drawing?  We want to feature it with your interview. Mom, I am tired of the questions already.  My favorite is painting and yes, you can take a picture of my paintings to put on your blog...I don't even know what blog means.   Allie Soccer 1 What was the most fun you had today? This morning when you were leaving for work in your dress and I squirted you with my new water gun.  That was hilarious. (insert huge grin from Allie) Allie, you’re the bomb dot com.  Thank you for taking time away from playing baseball so mommy can share how awesome you are with people who read the blog. (Photos courtesy of yours truly.  Interview by yours truly).  If you want your tomboy featured, shoot us an email at and we will be in contact to set up an interview over the phone/skype or send you the questions for you to interview your own tomboy.

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