April 25, 2016

By Tricia Steffes The picture above was the last image we got of Allie before she decided she was no longer wearing girl clothes.  I wrote this blog post over a year and a half ago about how Allie made the abrupt decision to wear boy clothes and how nothing has changed in two and a half years.  Enjoy... It’s been a little over a year since my little superhero-tomboy Allie decided that she wanted to wear boy clothes. Yes, boy clothes. Like down to the underwear. Allie had just started a new preschool with the majority of her classmates being boys. You see, Allie has always had a mind of her own and this was a decision she made. Initially I struggled with the idea of my little girl wearing boy clothes; for no other reason than I just like little girls clothes. I like the flair and bows and leggings and bright colors and cute boots. Well, that ended abruptly for me when Allie came home one day from school and refused to wear the pink daisy panties. I had just bought her pink panties as we were deep into potty training. She asked for superhero panties and it occurred to me that she very well could potty train faster if she had the panties of her choice. So, I went and purchased her some little boy superhero panties because at the time I couldn’t find superhero panties for girls. Well, that was all it took. Once she put those superhero panties on, she would never again wear another pull-up nor would she have any accidents. El’ fanito. As you can imagine, I was thrilled. That was easy. Well, the superhero panty purchase was just the beginning. Since then I have not made one girly purchase for Allie. Her entire closet quickly transitioned from tutu skirts and bright girly colors to nothing but superheroes and all things boy. It was tough to swallow at first, but I quickly realized something…I want Allie to be comfortable in her own skin, to choose who she is as an individual and what she likes. I did not feel the need to force her into something that contradicts her individuality. She is my tomboy. She is my athletic, strong-willed, happy little tomboy that has a right to choose even at three-years old that she wants to wear boy clothes. Some people are very bothered by this. It makes me giggle because I find it absurd that anyone would find this troubling. On so many levels is this absurd, but to each their own. I have actually enjoyed the conversations that have come from this. The conversations either start with a high-five that we allow our daughter to be her own individual followed by how adorable she is and they love her decisiveness at such a young age. Or they start by asking how long we are going to let this go on and if we worry about Allie? Worry about her? Are you kidding me? Allie is a rock star and the only thing I need to worry about with this girl is if she remembered to wash her hands after using the restroom. Allie had her Christmas program two nights ago at school. The program started by a procession of all the sweet children in her school walking down the aisle of the church to take their place on stage. As the procession of children started, we all watched as the sweet little girls and boys all decked out in their Christmas wardrobes were smiling and waving at their parents. All the little boys marched in with Christmas sweaters and slacks and the little girls were all decked out in super frilly Christmas dresses sporting huge matching bows. And then came our sweet tomboy, Allie. She walked in sporting the red sweater and black slacks that I purchased from the boys section of Target. We all started giggling because Allie had both hands tucked confidently in her pockets, smiling as big as she could; comfortable in her own skin and ready to take the stage to sing her heart out in honor of the birth of our Lord, Jesus. And that my friends, is my sweet Allie in all of her tomboy glory.

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