December 08, 2016

dear-hunger If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably noticed the gender stereotyping that exists in children’s clothing.  More parents are starting to talk about it.  More children are also taking notice.  My five-year-old did and she noticed almost three years ago; she was upset because the girls section didn’t have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear for her and they didn’t have Superhero options in girl’s graphic tees.  She was put out by it at such a young age.  It was then that she decided she wanted to shop in the boy’s section…especially considering boy clothes allowed her to express herself better.  Allie was born naturally athletic and she has a strong personality with a lot of confidence; little girl’s clothes just didn’t offer her what she wanted.  This is where I came in. For two-and-a-half years I received a lot of praise from people who thought it was wonderful that we let her choose to wear what she wanted; that we allowed her to be her own individual.  However, we had a few people in our life that didn’t love the fact that a little girl wore boy clothes.  I started hearing of other spirited girls (aka tomboys) who didn’t want to wear girl clothes because girl clothes were too girly or only focused on pink and princesses.  I heard of parents not allowing their girls to wear boy clothes in public and then allowed them to change into boy clothes when they got home and I thought, this shouldn’t be a struggle for parents.  We have enough struggles.  We have battles we fight ever day…especially with strong-willed, spirited children; why battle them with clothing.  So, I decided it was time to do something about it and Crossing Arrows was born. We have big plans…plans of creating a line of clothing for these spirited girls that say no to gender stereotypes.  We have plans of growing a community for parents; one that allows them to laugh and cry and discuss the raw truth of parenting.  A community where we are real; a community that discusses the victories and the challenges of parenting.  We have no room for the parents who only tout the good and happy moments that make parenting seem so easy out of wanting to maintain a certain image…it’s not easy, so why should we fake it.  AND in addition to the awesome clothing line we are designing and the community for parents, we are going to kick some major butt in the philanthropy space.  We are going to take our passion for child advocacy and give hunger, abuse, neglect and sickness the big middle finger and we are going to give abundantly to organizations who support the cause for child advocacy and we are going to create a foundation that speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves (children) and we are going to make their lives better.  We would by lying if we said we knew what this journey had in store, but I can PROMISEyou this…we will not rest, we will not sleep and we will not stop until we master our mission.  Not just figure it out, but master it. Okay, now that we got that out there…please join us in our journey.  We want and NEED your support.  Whether that is being an ambassador for us, telling your friends and family about our clothing brand, parenting community and our mission for giving back, or whether that is getting on our Kickstarter and getting your hands on our graphic tees and other designs by becoming a contributor.  We will be so grateful for your willingness to help us build our strong foundation and we will forever be grateful for your support! Visit our Kickstarter campaign hereto learn more about Crossing Arrows!  We would love feedback too and forgive me for rambling in the video.  I hadn’t had enough coffee yet when I filmed that.  ;-) Passionately,  Tricia - Founder/CEO

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