June 10, 2016

weekend What are your weekend plans?  Allie has a tee ball game Friday night followed by a sleepover for the girls.  Saturday includes home projects, swimming and the Kansas City 18 th Street Fashion Show.  Sunday we are having family over for grilling out and fun in the water.  What they don’t know, is that I am going to enlist their help to remove my shutters so I can finish painting them.  (Shhh…that’s our little secret).  Our weekends are always filled with music.  The first thing I do when we get home is Bluetooth Pandora usually followed by a dance off between the girls and me.  I will post a link to our weekly favorite song to dance to.  #danceoff Here are some of my favorite links relating to children from around the web… I have watched Grace sing at least 32 times…today alone This children’s book though.  #LOVE This story about lunches made me laugh until I nearly wet myself (disclaimer…her grammy may have washed her mouth out with soap had she used some of these words as a child…just sayin’) Easy weekend recipethat even your little beings will love Amazing bohemianclothes for children Jim Gaffigan's hilarious skip about parenting (photo from shutterstock)

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