June 21, 2016

We made our announcement official on Monday with a press release that we sent into the media world.  We wanted to share the press release with you.  Feel free to forward our press release on to media contacts that you feel would be interested in learning more about us.


  Tricia Steffes to Unveil Clothing Line for Young Tomboys

Crossing Arrows was inspired by Steffes’s five-year-old daughter.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, June 20, 2016 – Today, Tricia Steffes, founder of Elevate and child advocate announced plans to launch a second clothing line tailored to the tiny tomboy inspired by her own daughter, Allie.  After two and a half years of navigating her daughter’s decision to wear boy clothes because her tomboy taste didn’t have room for pink and ruffles, Steffes was inspired to design a clothing line that allowed tomboys to embrace their confidence and individuality through clothing that goes beyond shopping in the boys section. The clothing line, Crossing Arrows, will debut the new brand with five designs to suit the strong-willed and decisive tomboy.  In addition to the new designs that will be available for pre-sale in a few short weeks, the online store, found at www.crossing-arrows.com will also offer a number of children’s designs from other parts of the world.  Some of the accessories that will be available include bow ties, suspenders, ball caps, superhero tutus and superhero cape box sets. “We are not alone in our excitement for the designs we are bringing to market for these beautiful little tomboys.  We have received such tremendous feedback from parents who are as excited about Crossing Arrows as we are, “commented Tricia Steffes, Crossing Arrows Founder, “We want to offer these independent girls the designs that allow her to embrace her individuality while giving parents more choices.” Crossing Arrows will launch with a fresh and fun brand that will not only offer a line of clothing to tomboys, but a community for the parents who raise these fun little beings.  Crossing Arrows has begun a strategic campaign focusing on the overarching theme with “ YOU ARE YOU,”inspired by Dr. Seuss, as this season’s tagline.  Steffes will incorporate a strong philanthropic component surrounding child advocacy into her business model to serve children in need. About Crossing Arrows Crossing Arrows is a clothing company and parenting blog providing fun designs and accessories to the adventurous tomboy in sizes 3T-10.  Their blog explains why Steffes chose the name, Crossing Arrows.  You can read all about it at https://crossingarrowsblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/why-crossing-arrows/ Please visit crossing-arrows.com and crossingarrowsblog.wordpress.com to join the fun community of parents and tomboys that we serve. Contact Crossing Arrows Tricia Steffes Founder +1 816-694-9049 Crossing-arrows@outlook.com RELATED LINKS http://www.crossing-arrows.com http://www.crossingarrowsblog.wordpress.com

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